Aima Baig Refuses To Be The Part Of Big Boss 13

The Pakistani singer Aima Baig is making big moves in the music business. The diva’s old interview came back up, and she said that she had been asked to be on India’s reality show Big Boss 13. The Agay Dekh singer turned down the offer because the show was controversial.


Aima Baig is amongst the most prominent Pakistani singers right now, and her music is getting more and more famous. In the starting, the young vocalist was only known for a short time on Vasay Chaudhry’s show Mazaq Raat. Her work on the music score for Lahore Se Aagey formed her a well-known name in the country. During Coke Studio and other big music shows, she has been a big hit.


It has been a while since she was in the Pakistan Super League 7 anthem “Agay Dekh” with Atif Aslam. “Groove Mera” with Young Stunner, which Aima did for PSL in 2021, was a hit with fans. This is Aima’s second PSL project. Then Aima’s “Sohna Tu” dance track by Pepsi is going to the top of the charts, too.


She has strong vocals, an innocent face, and sweet charms that people love about her. Her old interview from a web show called The Mushi Show came up. In it, the young singer said that she was asked to be on the Big Boss 13 show by phone. It was an offer she didn’t want to accept because she thought it would hurt her reputation.
She said that.

“I didn’t want to be a target on the show. Even though it would have been fun for my fans to see me locked inside the Bigg Boss House, I didn’t want that for myself. It was like putting my reputation at stake,”

This isn’t the first time that Pakistani celebs have been asked to be on that show that’s so bad for them. There were three other people who came before Aima. Sadia Imam, the late Qandeel Baloch and Meera were also there. A lot of well-known people like Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish Ali took part in the show, which led to a lot of controversy.