WhatsApp is Making it Easier to Manage Groups

When we heard about WhatsApp’s new “Community Home” back in January, there have been no more updates since then. We’ve seen it on the WhatsApp beta version for Android a few more times.

In the same way, WABetaInfo, a group of developers who look at beta versions of WhatsApp to find new features, found this new thing.


People can see a screenshot of what’s new in the WhatsApp Beta update. There’s now a new tab on the main screen called “Communities.” You can now go to Community Home instead of the camera tab. You’ll be able to see all of your groups that are related to a community in this place. It will also help group administrators manage their groups by putting them all in one place.


In an older screenshot from WABetaInfo, you can see how the Community Home tab will have options to manage groups and change communities. It’s not clear how this feature will work because it is still being worked on.

But now that we’ve seen more of Community Home, we can safely say that the feature is getting closer to being ready. Over the next few months, we will learn more about the project. There isn’t yet a launch date. Stay with us.

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